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A hurray for what has been

April 3, 2012

As I expect many have noticed, I haven’t written anything in ages. I’m not going to in the near future either. However, if this is the first time you’re visiting my blog, I strongly recommend you to check out the archives. Even if my motivation has disappeared, I am very proud of what I did write.

At the moment, I’m planning to resume some blogging, but not here. My blog will be based in the community, and you can find the link here. No membership is required to read my blog.

I just published a bit about blitz chess on the internet. There will be more to read in the future!

At some point I discovered that blogging could be done much shorter. That’s what twitter and my profile there is all about. I try to make it a principle to answer any questions or comments tagged @gmjlh.

My best wishes to everyone, and check out the Norwegian National Chess Team’s site!

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