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Soccer alternatives

April 6, 2011

Playing soccer is usually lots of fun, but it’s really not as great when it’s minus 20 Celsius outside! That’s why Norwegians are crazy about skiing in winter time – Well, some of us at least. I’m not one of them, but I try to get a couple of trips a year. Getting the motivation to go out into the cold voluntarily is the tough part, as it’s surprisingly fun once you’re in the wild (apart from the hundreds of other skiing maniacs) outback. This year, I teamed up with my Aix-les-Bains room mate Getz – a somewhat dubious decision, as he’s very well trained! Keeping up is usually my main goal!

Ready to go!

For future reference: Proof that we actually made it to our destination! I swear my Photo-shopping skills are nowhere near the ability to fake this stuff!

Back at Sognsvann, I’m still full of energy after our little work-out. Well, or it might be before we even started – who knows?!

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