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To Risk or not to Risk

February 4, 2011

When Jan (Smaids) said he was going to bring his Risk-game, I must admit I thought he was kidding. Had I known Smeets never lies, I would’ve started preparing at once. As it turned out, I played my first ever game of Risk without thorough research. Some might think that Risk is a game of luck, but au contraire! I learned that the hard way.  Either way, it’s nice to have some breaks from the normal circle of prepping, eating, playing, eating, prepping, sleeping. Going around in circles for too long has a tendency of messing with your head, something I learned as early as age 5 (the non-metaphorical way). But beware: I’ll work intensively on my Risk-strategies until next time!

Magnus and Wouter eagerly checking the results of my dice-technique, while Jan is in charge of holding the box level.

Replacement players on the second evening: Another Carlsen (Ellen) and soon-to-be Dr. Stellwagen.

Adjournment sessions are not only limited to chess in the good old days! Here we have Gusti (green) and myself (blue) trying to survive against the formidable forces of Ellen (yellow) and Smeets (red). As you may notice, Jan is currently very much in control of my capital, but it could cost him dearly in the long run. After Wouter attacked my American base through the Bering straight on our first game night, he got the taste of my wrath in our tournament game the very next round – coincidentally my only win of the tournament. Smeets repeated Wouter’s maneuver, and will do smart to avoid any tournaments I’m participating in until he surrenders the ice tundra (aka my Risk capital) back to me.

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