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Loss of a giant

January 8, 2011

A recent news item in the world of chess was the announcement of the Amber Chess Tournament. The tournament has been one of – if not the – main chess event during the year. Its magnificent playing site, in addition to the unique format, has made it a favorite of all chess fans. Unfortunately, this year’s edition will be the end of a two decade long tale.

As old events succumb, new ones pop up – or so I sincerely hope! They say that for every star that dies, many more are born. I hope that is the case for chess tournaments too – and who knows, somebody might manage to make the Amber-concept even better! Regardless, I am certain more people than me will sorely miss the original and innovative Amber tournament. It is a source of great entertainment to all, but it’s also very motivational and inspirational for up-and-coming youngsters. Who wouldn’t want to earn an invite to such an prestigious event?! This sad news means I won’t be able to beat Heine‘s number of appearances in Monaco (he has a grand total of one!). I’ll just have to find some other goal to best his accomplishments. Maybe I should work more on my golf skills!

Either way, I think this is an appropriate moment to say thanks to all hard-working tournament organizers, without whom there wouldn’t be any chessplayers. And a big “good luck” to any organizers who attempts to make a similar tournament in the future reality!

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  1. RuralRob permalink
    January 9, 2011 20:40

    I would like to see a new tournament with this format, but also including Fischer Random games in the mix.

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