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Holiday season quiz!

December 7, 2010

* Listening to ‘Let it Snow’ in the background *

It’s that time of year again everyone! While I’m guessing most of you are busy preparing for the imminent holidays, I hope you still have some time to pick your brain in my little quiz. The prize you might ask? This Christmas I’m giving away a total of four 3-month ICC subscriptions/extensions! The best part is of course that as a member you can listen to the live shows of their chess radio Chess.FM. I’ll be on there myself this coming Thursday – 11 am Eastern, 5pm CET -commenting on the London Chess Classic.

The question is: What have been the most southern, western, northern and eastern destinations I’ve reported from since I started this blog?

A hint to all: the question is much more tricky than you would think! I’ll draw lots among the people with the right answer – a total of four prizes. Best of luck everyone! May the best (wo)men win!

Leave your answers in the comments, and remember to include an email-address!
The winners will be announced on Saturday.


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  1. December 7, 2010 16:07

    Let’s see now:

    North AND east: Reykjavik, Iceland
    West: Khanty-Mansijsk, Russia
    South: Cap d’Agde, France

    (Throwing in a Julie-approved carol for ya as well:

    • December 7, 2010 16:10

      Or maybe even;

      North and WEST: Reykjavik, Iceland
      EAST: Khanty-Mansijsk, Russia
      South: Cap d’Agde, France

      (I suck at left/right, so no surprise that I suck at east/west also.)

  2. GM Ivilsheve Yobalz permalink
    December 7, 2010 21:52

    Southern: Antarctica
    Western: Hawaii
    Northern: Norway!
    Eastern: Romanovia

  3. Jon Erik Brænden permalink
    December 8, 2010 08:59

    North: Reykjavik, Iceland
    West: Reykjavik, Iceland
    East: Khanty-Manisysk, Russia
    South: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  4. December 9, 2010 03:52

    Ok, I selected my answers with regard to the International Meridian:

    Furtherest North: Reykjavik (64°08′N 21°56′W)
    Furtherest West: Out of your destinations, also Reykjavik
    Furtherest East: Khanty-Mansiysk (61°00′N 69°00′E)
    Furtherest South: Plovdiv (42°9′N 24°45′E)

    Tricky one, Plovdiv is only just a little bit further south than Agde at 43°19’N! You mentioned Tromsø as being where the Olympiad will be in 2014, but didn’t report from there, and you also mentioned the Tata Steel event, but that doesn’t mean you will become a miner on Svalbard, so it looks like Reykjavik is as far north as you got 🙂

  5. Alex permalink
    December 11, 2010 02:31

    North: Reykjavik, Iceland
    West: Reykjavik, Iceland
    East: Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
    South: Cap d’Agde,France

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