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December 5, 2010

Not playing tournaments is a chess player’s curse and blessing all at the same time. You have time on your hands to do what you’d like. And there’s no pressure on performing. No disturbed sleep because you’re insecure about what opening you should play tomorrow. At the same time, it’s tough, as you can’t win unless you participate!

I’m having two months off now after a heavy fall schedule. I have total freedom, but I have noticed that this freedom comes with responsibility: the responsibility to stay productive. Luckily(!), I had a complete disaster just before my break, making a poor score in the Norwegian League, and having a particularly devestating loss. I say luckily because nothing is better motivation than pay-back! This next month, in addition to celebrating Christmas with my family, I have tons of ideas on how to spent my time. We’ll find out in January whether it has been well spent!

The London Chess Classic will soon kick off, and I’ll be on air at ICC’s Chess.FM commenting on the 2nd round. I’ve been there once before, so this time – when I know what to expect – I hope it will be a must-see (or must-hear) event! I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope you’ll tune in!

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