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November 27, 2010

I have discovered that playing chess almost constantly for two months can be pretty demanding. My busy fall schedule was finished with the Norwegian league early this November. For me, it became a complete disaster, as I could feel I didn’t have my normal amount of energy. In the last round of the weekend, I was playing the experienced GM Djurhuus. At first, I was playing very well, and outplayed him – but then I started slipping. To make a short story short: I went from a winning position to a losing one in three half moves. First I let the win slip, and then the draw on the very next move. It was a devastating loss, but at the same time a good motivator for December! I’ll be back in the Tata Steel group B!

While in Cap d’Agde, I talked to John Watson for the better half of an hour. This interview has now been made public at Chess.FM – ICC’s internet radio. I also commented on my recent win against Ivanchuk, so I recommend everyone to take a look! I sincerely hope it will be worth your time 🙂 And I’d love to get some feedback – leave a comment here, send me a mail, or find me on ICC!

And for fellow Norwegianers (or anyone who can identify with these issues – even though it is pitch dark at 4 pm, even though it’s freezing cold – even though exams are coming up (for some of you at least!) – keep in mind: At depressing times, there are still highlights! Magnus will soon be playing in London – the best days in winter are the ones spent inside! Haha, winter wishes to everyone!

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  1. Ronja_Northern permalink
    November 27, 2010 17:28

    Either we play chess, read for an exam, work or train something else we need some distractions, by simply doing something else. Too much of something over long time builds a personal pressure and expectations that can reach a point where the falling high is so high, that the pressure starts steeling energy and focus.

    Normally some pressure helps us, but there is a difficult balance between this so called suitable pressure and too much, that for instance occurs when you identify yourself only with your own performances, because you do nothing else.

    In other words, when you put yourself in the situation, that demands that you do nothing else, you are flying high=) Just talking out of own experience=)

    Hopefully you’ll do better in December, best of luck!


    (I keep to this sort of comments, since my chess knowledge does not reflect my sudden interest for chess, that is at the level of a beginner with capital B.)

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