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On the move

October 21, 2010

Waking up at 6.15 to travel is child’s play compared to the 4.30-stuff I’ve gotten used to in Reykjavik and Oslo last week. With my bags already packed, I got to wait (sleep) for five minutes in the reception before my chauffeur entered the hotel. By 6.35, we were already cruising on the Bulgarian freeway – bound for Sofia Airport. Thus far everything has gone extremely smoothly – knock on wood – and as I’m writing I’m sitting on the TGV-train from Charles de Gaulle-airport to Montpellier. Four hours on a train is not something I usually enjoy, but with a very comfy seat and electricity for my computer, I think I’ll be just fine!

Happy traveler waiting for the train at Paris CdG. Although it’s warm in Agde, Paris was not equally pleasant, so precautions to avoid a cold had to be taken!

My ECC-tournament ended in the best possible way after I beat an Ivanchuk who in turn has been beating everyone the last couple of months – including myself in the Greek Team Championship in July. It gave me a great feeling – one I hope will last for quite some time! The good result also gave me lots of motivation as well as confidence before the CCAS Trophée Rapids. Success is the best recipe for more success in my experience! Ivanchuk will get his chance for a quick revenge, as we are playing in the same group, but if I can beat him once – why not twice? 🙂

– After my 1st round win against Wirig, I sat down with Chessdom’s Goran Urosevic for an interview. You can check it out on Chessdom’s own pages.
– I made a video for ICC with the interesting game Anand-Shirov. That video is available for everyone at ICC Chess.FM.
– The starting list for Tata Steel B was published today. Check the players at their website! I’m seeded as #11/14 at the moment.

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  1. October 22, 2010 21:19

    Very well done against Ivanchuk, Jon Ludvig! Will enjoy following you in France!
    Good luck!

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