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Exploration day

September 21, 2010

Making a wish at the city’s fountain.

Norwegian tourists (chess players starting tomorrow) posing at the central square with the amazing fountain.

Fall! 🙂

There are big Olympiad posters throughout the city.

Timeout for a rest.

It’s a long climb up to the magnificent church.

You never know what you might come across in Khanty! Suddenly the Danish team, who were cruising the city as well – big minds think alike – joined us for a chat.

Katrine is high on sleep-deprivation.


The view from the church. Below is the city with the endless flat tundra in the horizon.

Later Magnus came along for a walk to stock up at a supermarket. He’ll have enough orange juice for at least a day now. That makes our boy this happy!

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  1. September 22, 2010 19:28

    Fine bilder! 🙂
    Lykke til med resten av OL.

  2. October 18, 2010 21:20

    What’s up with Magnus and all the orange juice? Seems like every video or pic I see of him playing chess, he has a bottle of orange juice with him. Does it help his chess?

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