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Junior teams in Hokksund

September 14, 2010

Right after finishing my live chat for during Magnus’ big win – which was a blast! – I had to go to bed. The reason: I was helping out my club at the Norwegian Junior Team Championship, and I would be picked up at 0745 the very next day. It’s a tough life! Unfortunately, the team lost the match on friday, but the winds turned when yours truly arrived at the scene. With help from my somewhat younger team mates – it’s scary when you’re twice their age! – we gained three consecutive wins! The last game against our main rivals Stavanger would be decisive! Unfortunately, my autopilot failed in that all-important game, and I spoilt a very promising position from the opening. Regrettably, my draw made the match score a 2,5-1,5 loss, so we came second by the closest possible margin! While I won’t be back for OSS (my club) to avenge the loss, my team mates hold junior age for another eight years, so I feel certain the trophy will be back where it belongs in no time!

The playing hall is full of chess playing youngsters!

Three representatives of our Nemesis, the Stavanger team. How can we compete with those pants?! Oh, and the leather jacket guy is single girls!

The reason everyone’s here: The trophies!

Excess energy is a big problem for the concentration, so soccer in between the rounds is crucial to keep the mind focused!

Check out the result page here, and more pictures here.

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  1. Duncan Vella permalink
    September 15, 2010 01:52

    Great to see that you kept in touch with your junior team, notwithstanding your new “star” status. Keep it up!

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