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RAW Maggie Challenge!

September 10, 2010

Let’s start the countdown folks! While Magnus is still sound asleep, the rest of the world has started to prepare for the big match! I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of fun and surprises the official site will offer at Don’t miss it! Who knows, in the midst of battle, there might be an interview with Nobel Prize presenter and hobby chess player Willard Smith…. There’s only one way to find out 🙂

I’ll be busy having a live chat during the game. I think it’ll mostly be in Norwegian, but if you have any questions, trying there isn’t going to kill anyone 🙂 Oh, and you can always leave a comment here! VG, the newspaper hosting the chat, has become the #1 paper on chess news and they’ll have their own guy in New York! So we’ll be treated to some special on-site intel!

I also spoke about this match when I went on ‘Pardon our Blunders’ with Danny Rensch at I think the public will adjust well to the quick time limits and it’s important to be true to your gut feeling! At least one  of the best chess players in the world agree that this is the best move, so you can’t go too wrong – Go for it!

Looking silly with your head phone is not something you care about when you’re having a fun interview! Hopefully I’ll make another appearance very soon 🙂 Check out the video yourself! With a username at (free!), you can go to and click your way to ‘Videos on demand’ and the September 8th broadcast.

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  1. Joseph Knecht permalink
    September 10, 2010 10:13

    That was a great interview on I hope we see you back there again some time!

  2. September 10, 2010 13:21

    Jeg har konsekvent unngått VG i årevis, men jeg er virkelig utrolig positivt overrasket at de har valgt å satse såpass på dette (og sjakk generelt). Dette er jo helt klart en av de morsomste sjakk-eventene i år, og den skiller seg ut med at den kan appellere til mange og ikke bare den hardeste kjernen av sjakkinteresserte, og at VG gjør det såpass lett tilgjengelig for publiken synes jeg er utrolig positivt.

    Og; Lykke til!
    Dette blir gøy.

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