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August 19, 2010

I think modern drugs are extremely underestimated. That’s why I’m not too concerned about the fact that my doctor diagnosed me with outer ear infection today. With a signed prescription in hand, I immediately hit the pharmacy, hunting for my life saving drug. Now, armed with my 5 millilitres of Polymyxin eardrops, containing (amongst other things) Oxtetracyclin and hydrochlorid, I’m ready to face whichever threats that are lurking inside the bacteria flora otherwise known as my left (outer?) ear.

However, our hero has no time to rest, as tomorrow he’ll have to get a Russian visa for the Chess Olympiad. This weekend there’ll be a training camp at NTG in Bærum with talented youngster from all around the country attending. The boss, aka Simen Agdestein, is at the moment recovering from what he described to me as a pretty severe bicycle crash. But problems aren’t lost on the boss. He knew what to do, and of course yours truly answered the phone when he called. So to sum up, instead of having an uneventful weekend, focusing on nothing but the pain in my ear and Heine getting bit by the same skill-sucking mosquito as myself, I’ll have two days of action, noise and soccer on an excessively muddy pitch – how can you not look forward to that?!

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  1. Duncan Vella permalink
    August 21, 2010 12:22

    Make sure you do not take any banned drugs or FIDE will surprise you at the Olympiad.
    Don’t forget your medical insurance letter when applying for the VISA as they sent me back to get one. 😦

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