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August 18, 2010

The World Junior Championship is an extremely tough tournament with its 13 rounds, but even so I’ve managed to return home in one piece. However, exhaustion, disappointment and some strange earache is taking its toll, so I’m glad I got no programme for the next – eh – two days. Oh darn, I still have to fix that visa for Russia!

In the last round I still had chances for a medal, but this just wasn’t my tournament. I got a pleasant advantage on the first board against tournament winner Andreikin, but alas I didn’t understand the position. Thinking my knight on d5 was unstable, I tried going Nb6 for some tactical stuff on d6, but Andreikin replied with Rb7 to have counter-tactics with Rxb6. I used all my time trying to figure out how I could retain some advantage, but I was really worried about the d4-square for Dmitri’s knight and the fact that my f1-bishop was biting on granite, otherwise known as the a6- and b5-pawns. In the end I was down to 10 minutes and settled for a draw.

Next up is Kristiansund and a big rapid chess challenge, but first I’ll consentrate on losing this earache!

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