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Back on track!

August 11, 2010

For some reason, getting an undeserved win is one of the best feelings ever. Therefore I was extremely happy about being handed a win in time trouble against Leniart. Wasting two good positions with black (just about winning in both, although white miraculously saves himself in the Sieciechowich-game – but I’ll leave that for a later blog entry) is not much fun in comparison!

In the 8th round, I got white once again, and played the Polish IM Tomczak, who was half a point ahead of me. It soon became clear that he had prepared a special surprise for me in the opening, but nonetheless I chose to enter the wild lines as I didn’t find any decent deviations, and had confidence that I could solve any problems he would pose me at the board. As it turned out, it was an excellent decision since Tomczak allowed me to get a better ending with Nxf7. My opponent blundered with Bxg5, and then I got fantastic winning chances, or at least so I think. g4 was definitely a mistake, and after Rh3+, I think black should hold fairly easily. However, this was not my opponent’s best day, and even though I missed a forced win with Bc4 at some point, (I was obsessing with Kc3 Rb6 with the idea Bc4 Rc6. Therefore I went Rg6 to stop Rb6.) in the end I managed to get the full point.

Tomorrow (or today, depending on when the internet connection will allow me to post this) I’ll play one of the big guns, Maxim Matlakov. An exciting game to be sure! And one that requires a lot of preperation, which is why I have to end this post just about now!

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